Country of Origin - Italy
Preparation Time30 minutes
Cooking Time50 minutes
Tags primo vegetarian northern italy


A classic of northern Italian cuisine that is best made in fall when it's mushroom season, but can also be made year-around using farmed and dried mushroom. There's no strict mandate on which kind of mushroom you can use, but porcini (boletus edulis) are definitely one of my favorite.

This dish should be served hot and should be served just after it is prepared. The longer it sits, the mushier it will get.

It is of paramount importance to get the right kind of rice, arborio or carnaroli. These two kinds of italian rice are different in that they are extra starchy, which makes the risotto creamier.

Nutrition Facts
Per 582 g Serving Size
Amount Per Serving
558 kCal
Calories from Fat
% Daily Value*
Total Fat
19.0 g
Saturated Fat
10.7 g
48.4 mg
1610.9 mg
Total Carbohydrates
66 g
Dietary Fiber
2 g
1 g
21 g
Vitamin A    3% Calcium    26%
Magnesium    10% Iron    9%
Vitamin C    7% Potassium    20%
Vitamin D    0% Folate    6%
* Based on a regular 2000 calorie diet

Nutritional details are an estimate and should only be used as a guide for approximation.

Ingredients for

Ingredient AmountComment
For the Main Part
White rice,glutinous 10 oz

Italian rice is a must. You can use Arborio rice, but if you can, Carnaroli rice is considered the best for risotto

Brown mushrooms or crimini,raw 2 cups (16 fl oz)

You can use your favorite combination of mushroom. If you can find porcini, they are Italy's favorite mushroom!

Onions 1/2 onion

Medium onion. Double this if you use small ones or shallots, or halve it if you're using big ones.

White Wine,chardonnay 1/2 cup (4 fl oz)

You can use any white dry wine.

Vegetable Stock 1 2/3 qt (6 1/3 cups)

You can use Vegetable stock but a light chicken stock is ok too. If you don't have stock, you can make some quickly by boiling water, salt and vegetable trimmings (pieces of carrot, celery, some parsley..)

Unsalted Butter 2 oz
Parmesan cheese, grated 4 oz
Fresh parsley 2 Tablespoons (1 fl oz)


Recommended Ingredients and Equipment

1 Prepare all the ingredients: finely chop the onion, separately finely chop the parsley, grate the parmesan (if not grated already). Divide the butter in three equal parts. Thoroughly was and drain the mushrooms, then chop those too, but not too finely (see in the following pictures)
2 Put a third of the butter in a pan and let it melt. When it starts to sizzle, put the mushroom in and cook at medium-high heat for a couple of minutes, to brown the mushroom, then remove them from the pan and set them aside.
3 In the same pan where you browned the mushroom, put the second third of the butter in the pan on medium heat, and put the chopped onion. Let it cook it gently for about five minutes, till it is soft and translucent but not browned.
4 Once the onion is translucent and soft, add the rice and mix. Raise the heat to medium/high to let the rice toast a little (but not so hot to burn it!)
5 Once the rice is toasted (a minute or two will be enough), pour the white wine on the rice and let it evaporate still at high heat. This will make the flavor of raw alcohol disappear. Once the wine has almost completely evaporated, lower the flame to low and add a ladle of stock.
6 Keep adding a ladle of stock every minute or two, as the rice absorbs it. It should not look like a soup, but not too dry either. Stock should be hot - do not use cold stock as it would prevent the rice from cooking. Depending on the rice, it should take 15-20 minutes to cook it thoroughly.
7 Just after the first ladle of stock, also add back the brown mushroom we set aside earlier.
8 The best way to see if the risotto is ready is to taste it. As said previously, it should take between 15 and 20 minutes depending on the rice, stirring gently, adding more stock as needed. The secret for a good risotto is to let it rest just a couple of minutes before serving. This will allow all the flavors to combine thoroughly. In order to do that, you have to stop cooking when it's 'al dente', that is, just slightly under-cooked. At that point, you add the remaining ingredients: the last third of the butter, the parmisan, the parsley, stir it thoroughly till all the ingredients are combined, then cover and let it rest for a couple of minutes before serving.
9 Your risotto is ready! You can garnish it with some more parsley, with shaved parmesan, and you could drizzle some truffle olive oil on it for extra yumminess. Buon appetito!