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Cornetti alla Nutella

Cornetto, paired with cappuccino, is probably the most common breakfast food in Italy. When I walk into a coffee bar in Italy on an early morning, the two most prominent scents are coffee and freshly baked cornetti. ...READ MORE...


Crostata di Nutella - Nutella Pie

A yummy and easy to make dessert with Nutella, the iconic chocolate hazelnut spread. Great for kids, or with tea and coffee, or as a post-dinner dessert.


Pardulas - Sardinian Ricotta Cupcakes

Pardulas are one of my favorite Sardinian dessert, especially good with a cup of coffee or some limoncello. They look like cupcakes, with a 'cup' also made of dough, and they are filled with ricotta, saffron and citrus zest.


Panna Cotta

A delicious and easy to make dessert that will impress your guests, Panna Cotta is a recipe from the Piedmont area that became popular all over Italy and has been having quite of a success in the US too. The recipe is very simple, its secret is to get good fresh ingredient, in particular you want really fresh cream and milk and a vanilla bean. You could substitute the vanilla bean with vanilla flavoring, it will still be good, but the fresh vanilla flavor will make it exceptional.



This dessert from northwestern Italy (Piedmont) is very old, dating back to the 13th century. It evolved with the years, with the addition of cocoa, which came to Europe only in the 16th century. It is soft, served cold, optionally with some whipped cream



A classic dessert that you can find all over Italy. 'Tiramisu' means 'pick me up'.. and its unique combination of coffee, creampy mascarpone, chocolate will deliver! Follow our easy recipe and you will impress your guests.