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Risotto with Butternut Squash and Sage / Risotto alla Zucca e Salvia

A delicate risotto ideal for the fall season, when squash is abundant.

This recipe has a few variations you can try, for instance, you could blend a part of the squash to get a extra creamy risotto. Also, you could use some cheese stronger than parmisan, like fontina, to complement the sweetness of the squash.


Panna Cotta

A delicious and easy to make dessert that will impress your guests, Panna Cotta is a recipe from the Piedmont area that became popular all over Italy and has been having quite of a success in the US too. The recipe is very simple, its secret is to get good fresh ingredient, in particular you want really fresh cream and milk and a vanilla bean. You could substitute the vanilla bean with vanilla flavoring, it will still be good, but the fresh vanilla flavor will make it exceptional.


Mushroom Risotto

A classic of northern Italian cuisine that is best made in fall when it's mushroom season, but can also be made year-around using farmed and dried mushroom. There's no strict mandate on which kind of mushroom you can use, but porcini (boletus edulis) are definitely one of my favorite. ...READ MORE...